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UWP 101 Informative Paper - Professor Arosteguy UWP 101 6...

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Professor Arosteguy UWP 101 6 May 2011 Abstain From Learning About Sex In our society sex receives a lot of attention. Whether it is through Teen Mom on MTV, in an article within Seventeen, or being debated over by parents, young adults everywhere are no longer being sheltered from this former unmentionable activity. The rate of sexually transmitted diseases amongst teenagers has increased drastically within the last 5 years. The fact of the matter is that teenagers everywhere are being exposed to sex whether it’s through the media, in a popular book or movie, or through personal experience. Would we as a society benefit from teaching teenagers about the birds and the bees while they are at school? A controversial debate is whether or not young adults attending public schools should be exposed to and taught about sex. Should young adults receive sex education while they are in middle or high school by a professional in the field? Do we want adolescents to be taught about the dangers of engaging in sexual activities and the knowledge of different methods they can partake in to protect themselves? Or should they only be taught to just say no to each and every sexual encounter until marriage? Anti-Sexual education supporters argue that teaching sexual education exposes and encourages children to sex. They argue that condoms are not 100% effective and that abstinence is the only way to remain safe. Anti-sexual education supporters want teenagers to believe that having sex leads to sexually transmitted diseases followed by death. On the other hand, sexual-education supporters argue that teenagers are going to have sex whether we talk to them about it or not, sexual education
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can prevent sexually transmitted diseases, and that since parents are failing to do their job at teaching their children, schools and professionals must step in. Anti Sexual Education – Abstinence Only Sexual education in public schools not only teaches children that sex is acceptable, but it also provides them with practically useless information and protection. Abstinence, or refraining from sexual activity all together, is the only one hundred
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UWP 101 Informative Paper - Professor Arosteguy UWP 101 6...

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