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Profile: Teen Vogue Race: White Class: Typically middle and upper class because the magazine features high fashion clothing styles, expensive perfumes, make-ups, and accessories. Gender: Female, it advertises make-up styles, brands and tips, best dressed on the red carpet and how to dress and stay green while doing it. Sexuality: Straight, or Gay. Anyone interested in popular culture, fashion, or even modeling. Age: Between 13-21 because it advertises young celebrities but it has older women modeling outfits and make-ups. Also, younger girls will not be able to afford most of the products it advertises for. Education Level: Average or Higher. People are in school, or have parents that graduated decent colleges and have good-paying jobs.
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Unformatted text preview: Reader Interest: People interested in popular culture, style and fashion such as how to dress, how to look like the stars, how to do your make-up, etc. Region: Anywhere The publication is most interested in young females looking to become more fashionable, as well as females that want to be famous or look like the stars they idolize and admire. The magazine has countless make-up ads with celebrities showing you how to get the “smoky eye” look that they wear on a regular basis, as well as pictures of models with merchandise that girls can only dream of owning. It portrays high fashion clothing, expensive perfumes, and luxurious items that are way out of the readers price range....
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