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UWP 101 Research Paper - Winter 2011 UWP101 Let them be...

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Winter 2011 UWP101 Let them be Parents In many states gay marriage is not legal. The debate about whether it should be has been going on for quite some time. Arguments against gay marriage bring up religious values and the fact that a gay couple cannot procreate. In California, Proposition 8, the legalization of gay marriage did not pass in 2008. Whether it was because of religious reasons or the unmentioned hatred towards gay couples, no one knows. Would allowing gay and lesbian couples the right to be married benefit or penalize our traditional family values. Antigay and lesbian couple supporters argue that since gay and lesbian couples cannot procreate, they have no reason to be married since children are what hold many families together. Is this the case, or are we simply denying gay and lesbian couples the right to be married simply due to homophobic fear? Some states currently allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt children just as anyone else which brings up the argument that children raised by gay and lesbian couples don’t turn out right assuming they will follow in their parents footsteps and become gay as well. The controversial debate of gay marriage brings up other issues regarding their right to adopt children and the family values they’ll instill. However, research shows gay and lesbian parents teach their children proper family values that ensure they turn out emotionally, sexually, and socially similar when compared to children raised by heterosexual couples. In 2003 the California adoption law passed allowing gay and lesbian couples the right to adopt children. “State law [in California] uses same parentage presumptions for adults in same-sex and different-sex relationships who have and/or raise children together, and also bans sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination against LGBT prospective parents in foster care/adoption” (Findlaw). With this law gay and
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lesbian couples no longer face discrimination when adopting a couple. They are allowed to do so and are treated the same as any other parent would be. If the Supreme Court sees gay and lesbian couples as suitable parents, why do so many other people fear and question it? Rather than discriminating against gay and lesbian couples, we should be thankful that they are providing an orphaned child a place to live and call home. However, this is not the case. Rather than being happy and allowing them to live their lives the way they chose to, people spread vicious lies and further existing stereotypes. A commonly heard stereotype about gay and lesbian couples raising children is that they do not teach traditionally family values that the majority of heterosexual families teach. When we think about a traditional family, many people think of a mother, a father, a daughter and a son. In fact almost half of the class taught by Stephanie Coontz, a graduate from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Art degree in American History, described just that in slightly more detail when told on the first day of
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UWP 101 Research Paper - Winter 2011 UWP101 Let them be...

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