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UWP 101 Research Proposal - Professor Arosteguy UWP 101 6...

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Professor Arosteguy UWP 101 6 May 2011 Research Proposal The legalization of gay marriage is a widely known debate that is currently being argued. Proposition 8, if passed, would allow gay couples to be legally married in the state of California. However, would the passing of this proposition and the integration of gay rights benefit or penalize family values. In class, we read articles arguing against gay marriage since they cannot procreate, however, currently they are allowed to adopt children just like anyone else. Another argument brought up is that children raised in a gay home don’t turn out right and typically become gay as well. Is this the case, or are we simply denying gay people the right to be married simply due to homophobic fear? In my research paper, I plan to prove that children raised by gay or lesbian couples are taught similar family values and rarely, if ever, turn out substantially different – emotionally, sexually and socially – than children raised by a heterosexual couple. By succeeding in proving this, I hope to eliminate some of the hatred people have towards gay marriage, as
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UWP 101 Research Proposal - Professor Arosteguy UWP 101 6...

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