UWP 101 Rhetorical Analysis Paper

UWP 101 Rhetorical Analysis Paper - 1 Kelber Professor...

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1 Kelber Professor Arosteguy UWP 101 22 April 2011 What is Beautiful? Do you want the latest fashion tips? Try a new Coach watch to go with your Marc Jacob sunglasses and your Juicy Couture handbag. Better yet, how would you like an entire magazine dedicated to showing you the latest styles, products and upcoming celebrities to watch out for? Well, look no further! Teen Vogue , a magazine which primarily appeals to middle and upper class female teenagers, uses celebrities, high fashion clothing and expensive merchandise to convince their audience that they should lust after ideal beauty. Teen Vogue features several advertisements that portray the media’s definition of perfection. Ninety-eight out of one hundred and forty-five pages within the May 2011 issue contain white females. Of those ninety-eight pages, sixty-four of them are celebrities marketing some type of product. For example, Drew Barrymore, a well-known movie star – now CoverGirl – poses in ad featuring CoverGirl’s new Smoky Shadowblast eye shadow with a seductive, yet sophisticated stare. Her flawless skin and perfect makeup encourages a young girl’s fantasy of being mature, desirable and classy, even though many readers do not yet use makeup. Further into the magazine, models wear clothing designed by Burberry, Armani Exchange, Chanel, Lacoste, Gucci, and J.Crew showing off their elegant, yet chic style. The majority of the models are young, white, and very thin figured women. Their skin is light tan in color and their bodies look like they go to the gym every day. However, the average reader does not actually look like this. In fact, they cannot because the models portray what the media have trained society to believe is pure beauty, but in reality, the majority of these advertisements are
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2 airbrushed. Nonetheless, when a young teenager reads this magazine, they idolize the celebrities and aspire to look like them. Other products including perfumes, makeup and accessories from designer ranging from Gucci to Prada to Tiffany &Co are spread throughout the magazine even though the vast majority of the target demographic cannot afford to buy any of these brands on their own. By publishing such expensive brands all
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UWP 101 Rhetorical Analysis Paper - 1 Kelber Professor...

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