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Animal Science 2 Ethogram: The amount of bleats/sniffing between goat and kid. The frequency of nursing of a newborn kid. Physical activities between goat and kid. Outline: -Objective/Thesis: To explore the bonds the goats have with their kids by frequent observation and measuring sniffing, bleating, nursing, and physical activity between the goats and their offspring. -Introduction: The bond that is established between a mother and her offspring is critical to the survival of her young. I will observe the different characteristics listed above between each
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Unformatted text preview: mother and her kids . Methods and Material: By observing the goats in the pen they are being kept in I will be able to monitor the goats and their nurturing characteristics. I will observe the goats for at least 5 days, for about an hour and a half where I will collect data in a continuous way. Data/Conclusion: Based on the data I attain, I will be able to determine the difference between the three goats and their offspring and how it affects their development after parturition....
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