ANS TERM PAPER 2 - Objective The behavior that was studied...

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Objective The behavior that was studied during this experiment was the maternal behavior of three mother goats with their kids. As time goes on how does the mother’s behavior increase or decrease towards her young. Introduction The bond that is established between a mammalian mother and her offspring is critical to the survival of her young. The connection that is made begins immediately at parturition and is maintained as the young grow and develop until they are weaned. Mother goats form a bond with their kids by physical and sensory modes. “The calming effect of material licking on the neonate would facilitate early contact with the olfactory cues of the young. At the same time, maternal movements and vocalizations focus the attention of the neonate into her body before the development of teat-seeking activity and exploratory behavior” (Poindron et al.332). This bond is very important between the mothers and their young so that she does not refuse the kid’s attempts at nursing, which is adamant for each of the kid’s growth in the near future. Although the mother goat will continue to provide nourishment and security for the kid, studies show us that as the kid grows older and becomes more independent, the mother will be less nurturing toward him or her. Methods and Materials The goats were observed at the UC Davis Animal Science Teaching Facility pens. The three goats that were observed shared a pen and were only separated for a short time during parturition and a few days after. The goats were housed in a large pen that contained a shed for the goats to stand or lie in, as well as a large grassy area for them to run or lay in. The three goats that were observed were all meat goats and supposed to have had twins to care for (however, one of the kids was stillborn during parturition, therefore the mother (Goat 2) only had one kid to care for).
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ANS TERM PAPER 2 - Objective The behavior that was studied...

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