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HDE012 Sexualself paper - Professor Nicole Polen Human...

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Professor Nicole Polen Human Development 012 13 May 2010 My Sexual Self As a child growing up, I remember having certain days in elementary school where we would have the school nurse, or a guest speaker with videos come into our classrooms and teach us about sex and the dangers of it. They informed us of the risks and warned us of its consequences. The first time I remember actually learning about sex was in elementary school. We watched an AIDS video/cartoon and it showed us how it weakens your immune system by turning it against itself and allowing viruses to get the best of you. However, I was probably in third or fourth grade, and at the time, sex was something unheard of to me and my friends. We would play house with each other and somehow, magically, we would end up having "kids”, but I can’t actually remember how we had them. As far as I remember, having kids was more of a something we just declared; we never went into the bedroom or went through the process of having kids, we just picked the roles we wanted to play and had fun. As a kid, I thought sex was a joke – something to giggle about with my friends. After all, boys had cooties and none of us wanted to play with them. So why were elementary schools showing videos and having people talk to us about sexually transmitted diseases? Were kids that young really becoming sexually active? Or was it just a precaution? A way of scaring us out of having sex. . As time went on and I entered middle school, things changed. I remember my first crush vividly. I had grown up with him, went to elementary school with him, but never actually played or talked with him. To be honest, I don’t think I ever really noticed his perfectly spiked blonde hair, his enticing ocean blue eyes, or his dazzling smile, until middle school because at that point
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it finally seemed normal. Girls all around me were talking to boys, holding their hands, and even kissing them! I wasn’t sure what kind of alternate universe I entered, but I sort of liked it, well most of it anyways. I remember getting my first period in the beginning of sixth grade; luckily for me, it was at the end of the school day. I noticed it when I got home and wasn’t sure what to do since I was there alone with my father. I immediately called my sister, who was at basketball practice and told her what was going on. She told me not to worry, left practice early and arrived home shortly after my call with “slim fit” tampons for me to use. She also saved me the embarrassment of having to tell my father what was going on. My first period story is not one of the typical traumatizing stories where someone needed to show me how to insert it, it’s pretty self explanatory and I figured that much out on my own, but I was still glad to have her there to help me in this time of need. The rest of my year was slightly less stressful. My first boyfriend was in sixth grade. I remember holding hands with him and walking home together, and how it made me emotionally ecstatic. But even more than those minor displays of affection, I remember
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HDE012 Sexualself paper - Professor Nicole Polen Human...

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