SAS 15 Final Paper Part 2

SAS 15 Final Paper Part 2 - The target group that I chose...

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The target group that I chose was female sorority college freshman. I chose them because they are in the specific age range of people who are most at risk of becoming infected with HIV and AIDS and because sororities are infamous for risky behaviors. I also chose them because a lot of them are college freshmen trying to fit in and become accepted for who they are. Not all of them have been subjected to learning about different kinds of diseases that they can now unknowingly put themselves at risk for. I felt that by choosing this specific group of people, I would be able to warn them of common mistakes that many individuals make and hopefully prevent them from acquiring any life altering diseases. I decided to present my information in the form of a speech/biography. I noticed that when I searched for ways best to communicate with people of that demographic that they were more likely to listen if they felt they could relate to the story being told. For this reason I wrote my paper as a speech. I was a former sorority sister that engaged in one night of risky behavior and because of it had my life altered for the worse. I read that people are more affected by things they hear and learn better if they can put a face with the story. I was a young innocent girl just as they are, so by telling my story I am able to relate to them and hopefully allow them to learn from my mistakes. I searched several different websites to find out which ways teenagers as well as college students learned best. I found Mark Gregston’s paper to be quite helpful. In it he states that many teens learn from figuring things out on their own. Even if they are lectured as children growing up, they feel the need to try things out for themselves and endure the consequences before they actually learn any lessons. I took this knowledge to heart and decided to write a paper and inform my audience about something that could have easily happened to any of them. I wasn’t lecturing about it, I was telling a story – something they could relate to and understand. I analyzed it by
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coming up with ways to relate what I read to writing an article that I believe would create an appropriate response. For my paper I chose to link individual risk perceptions and behaviors with social interactions in order to illustrate the common risky behaviors that my audience takes part in as well as the social interactions that result from said behaviors. First, I decided to have the speaker in my paper take part in the risky behavior of drinking underage with unfamiliar people without
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SAS 15 Final Paper Part 2 - The target group that I chose...

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