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1981 Criminal Law

1981 Criminal Law - CRIMINAL LAW SECTION B3 Mid-Term...

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CRIMINAL LAW SECTION B3 Mid-Term Examination December 11, 1981 Two and 1/2 Hours 9:OO-11:30 "You and your embezzling." OPEN BOOK (Any and all non-living materials may be consulted.) Instructions Each of the three problems is of equal weight. Budget your time accordingly. a quately resolve a; issue, indicate specific all^ what facts you believe you need and why. Specific citations to cases are welcome but not as a substi- tute for thinking, i.e. do not use case citations instead of clearly stating the relevant point of law.
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CRIMINAL LAW SECTION B3 PAGE 2 Ronald and Haig were drinking together one night i n Stockman's Bar when Ronald remarked: "1 just don't get any respect anymore from my wife, Nancy. She hasn't paid any attention t o me since she started Law Scho01.~~ Haig commiserated with Ronald for a while, and then Ronald added: "You know what someone should do--someone should put a scare into Nancy. If someone scared her enough, then she would want t o have me around t o protect her. Just scare her. I t wouldnlt break no law just t o scare her." " I ' m just the man t o do the job,I1 said Haig, I1People think I ' m real scary.I1 Five minutes l a t e r , while Ronald was visiting the men's room, Haig approached the bartender, Stockman, and asked t o borrow the shotgun Stockman kept behind the bar. "Take out a l l the shells, he told Stockman, "1 just want t o borrow t h i s for a few minutes t o go put a scare into Nancy.
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