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SAS 15-A05, April 27, 2010, Reflective Writing #5 After discussion and talking about everything last week and yesterday I still feel pretty much the same. The statistics and opinions that we went over in class made me think more about what I would do if I got AIDS, how important it is to tell a sexual partner before you potentially put them at risk and how judgmental most of America still is today about HIV/AIDS. One of the statistics that really stuck out to me and that I remember was the fact that intentionally sleeping with someone when you know you have AIDS and not giving them any warning is considered a
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Unformatted text preview: crime. When I think about it, it is basically cutting their life short, but at the same time I never would have thought that someone could actually go to prison for passing along an incurable disease. Another thing I noticed and found interesting was the fact that everyone tended to stick together on the same side with the same opinions throughout the majority of the exercise. Could this be because we are all in the same age range and not living with the disease? I wonder if opinions would change with different age groups and different families that have been through some of those situations. ....
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