SAS15-assignment6 - SAS 15-A05 May 4 2010 Reflective...

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SAS 15-A05, May, 4, 2010, Reflective Writing #6 For my paper in this class I want to address young ignorant people that are at the highest risk of becoming infected with the HIV/AIDs virus. People between 16 and 25 need to be reminded of how serious a disease this is and that it can easily be prevented. Most people within that age range are being careless, thinking that it will never happen to them and that they have nothing to worry about because it won’t happen to them. The Media and educational system in the United States has drastically improved. But even though we start teaching children about AIDS at a young age, it seems that as they grow up, rather than fearing it like they should, (because fear causes people to be extra cautious and not make stupid decisions that they will regret at a later date,) they are choosing to make irresponsible decisions to have unprotected sex when condoms are so readily available to just about anyone. For this reason I will target my paper at them in attempt to scare them into being more aware and careful about what they allow
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SAS15-assignment6 - SAS 15-A05 May 4 2010 Reflective...

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