1984 Criminal Law - CRIMINAL L A W SECTION B3 Mid-Term...

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CRIMINAL LAW SECTION B3 Mid-Term Examination December 20, 1984 Two & % Hours 9:OO-11:30 "1 ~hrd b ~(rol, pr Jfonm. &nb didn't bring nu tvhor I uunfcd." OPEN BOOK Instructions The three problems are of unequal weight. Each is worth an amount in grading equal to its suggested time limit. Budget your time accordingly. adequately resolve an issue, indicate specifically what facts you believe you need and why. Specific citations to cases are welcome but not as a substitute for thinking, i.e. do not use case citations instead of clearly stating the relevant point of law.
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CRIMINAL LAW 5 B3 I. [60 minutes] Consider the following facts: PAGE 2 "On March 13, 1982, at approximately 12:30 a.m., William Atkinson (a black man) and Grady (a white man) were walking westward along Savin Hill Avenue in Dorchester. The [five] defendants . . . were in a brown car driving along the same street in the opposite direction when they came upon Atkinson and Grady near the Motley School. One of the car's occupants shouted, 'Hey nigger, we're going to kill you.' When Grady responded that Atkinson was his friend, someone in the car said, 'We'll kill you too. The car then turned around and chased the two men along Savin Avenue, its occupants screaming racial epithets and threats. . . . The MBTA train station was some 400 feet away from where the chase began, and Atkinson and Grady ran into it seeking refuge. Grady told the collector to call the police because they were 'being beat up on.' The two men ran down a flight of steps and onto the platform. "At that time the only entrance to the station was from Savin Avenue. A set of stairs descended from the entrance to the train platform below, and the platform extended some 330 feet from the foot of the stairs. On the eastern side of the platform were four sets of train tracks (with electrical third rails) bounded by a wall
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1984 Criminal Law - CRIMINAL L A W SECTION B3 Mid-Term...

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