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SAS 15-A05, June 1, 2010, Reflective Writing #11 I feel that the reflective writings helped a lot throughout the quarter. I was forced to put myself into situations that made me open my mind and think more about what I would do if it was me. I was able to come up with questions that challenged me and found that I learned more because of this. The reflective writing from week two allowed me to talk to my parents and hear firsthand what they went though and heard and saw while they were growing up. This is probably something that I wouldn’t have thought of asking had I not been given the idea by the prompt. With the weekly writings I was able to connect a lot of the weekly readings to what was
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Unformatted text preview: being asked and use that to help me in analyzing the questions. I was also given the opportunity to reflect on reflections. Week 4 asked me how I would feel if someone in my household had AIDS and after discussion that day I walked away feeling somewhat differently. Then week 5 asked if we still felt the same way and gave us an opportunity to change our minds. I think my favorite reflection was week 7, when we were given examples of people and forced to stereotype them and come up with how we thought they were most likely to have received AIDS. Its funny how a lot of us had similar answers and when you read the realities the differences were astonishing....
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