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UWP 1 Annotated Bib 1

UWP 1 Annotated Bib 1 - Kelly Neil July 2010 Annotated...

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Kelly Neil UWP 01 27 July 2010 Annotated Bibliography "Gay - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary." Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online . Web. 23 July 2010. <http://mw4.m- w.com/dictionary/gay> This website gives an accurate and up to date definition of the word gay. It shows it as a verb, adjective and a noun and provides three different definitions. I could use this in my article to show how one simple word can have multiple meanings. Lalor, Therese and Rendle-Short, Johanna (2007) ''That's So Gay': A Contemporary Use of Gay in Australian English', Australian Journal of Linguistics , 27: 2, 147-173. <https://vpn.lib.ucdavis.edu/,DanaInfo=pdfserve.informaworld.com+423743_918973592 _781272114.pdf> This journal discusses the usage of the word gay and how each meaning is significant and used in speech today. Two different studies were conducted revolving around the word gay and how different age groups reacted to it and used it in their speech. This will be helpful to me when I write about how a word changes over generations. It will also help me show the confusion in communicating with people from other generations.
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