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UWP 1 Definition Essay

UWP 1 Definition Essay - Kelly Neil June 2010 An...

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Kelly Neil UWP 01 28 June 2010 An Indefinable Word Have you ever taken the time to sit down and think about what the definition of academic writing is? Are all papers written for school considered academic? Have you gotten a bad grade in one of your classes because your paper didn’t follow a certain academic standard? Academic writing has numerous definitions, but in truth, the real definition lies in the eye of the beholder. To me, academic writing follows a specific structure, is grammatically correct and is written with a purpose for a specific audience. Academic writings are very structured. From an early age, we were taught a specific format to use when writing papers for school. We learned to always include a thesis, introduction paragraph, at least three body paragraphs with specific examples that prove our point, and a conclusion that sums up our paper. By following these simple guidelines, our papers were less likely to stray away from the topic, and more likely to run smoothly and clearly prove the point we were originally trying to make. The infamous five paragraph essay that every student has heard of is the perfect example for this situation. Five paragraph essays are commonly taught in
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