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UWP 1 HW 1

UWP 1 HW 1 - engages students in an activity that comes...

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Kelly Neil UWP 01 12 July 2010 Haswell’s “Minimal Marking” 1. The minimal marking method is a method used by some teachers. Basically, they go through the entire essay and only correct issues of context and importance. All other errors such as comma splices, run ons, incorrect grammar, etc, they put a check in the margin by the sentence allowing the student to go back and catch and correct their mistake. 2. The benefits are “it shortens, gladdens, and improves the act of marking papers, more attention can be maintained on more substantial problems, the teacher has more time to correct real errors. The method helps to avoid the dazzle of information overload and it
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Unformatted text preview: engages students in an activity that comes much nearer to the very activity they need to learn. This method also allows progress to be easily seen” (97). 3. I agree that this method is somewhat helpful, and I think that I would really benefit from a teacher doing this. I learn by doing, so when I get a paper back, if all my errors are corrected for me, I won’t really care enough to go back and look up why they were errors to begin with. I feel that if I was forced to find what was wrong in a sentence, I would be able to learn from my mistakes and make less in future papers....
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