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UWP 1 Personal Experience Essay - Kelly Neil UWP 01 9 July...

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Kelly Neil UWP 01 9 July 2010 A Life Changing Experience We were dressed in white from head to toe, but we were neither glamorous nor fashionable in our plastic white hardhats, and the infamous white lab coats that every meat service worker wears. “What you are going to witness today is extremely humane. All of our animals here at our UC Davis animal teaching facility slaughterhouse are killed only for learning purposes.” Professor Murphy’s words echoed throughout the relatively empty slaughterhouse as his coworker wrestled an innocent lamb into the proper position. I could see the fear in the lamb’s eyes as it frantically looked to find a last minute escape. It was out of time. “Now there is a process that we must follow in order to keep everything flowing and running smoothly. I am going to tell you the process ahead of time so that none of you are startled by what you are about to see.” I knew that what Professor Murphy was saying was important. However, I could not take my attention away from the helpless lamb standing in front of me. Professor Murphy kept talking, explaining each step thoroughly, but I had already tuned him out. I looked at the gambrel and could not help being reminded of the hooks used at dry cleaners that carry away clothes. With each description from Professor Murphy, “Funeral March,” commonly heard in cartoons as the characters were paraded to their death, kept running through my head. I was nervous. I could feel beads of sweat forming at the top of my head as well as an ever so slight tremble in my knees. I tried to focus, to prepare myself for what I was about to see, but even Professor Murphy’s crisp warnings couldn’t help me.
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BANG! The lamb fell to the floor. Professor Murphy’s knife moved faster than I could
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UWP 1 Personal Experience Essay - Kelly Neil UWP 01 9 July...

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