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UWP 1 Teacher Essay

UWP 1 Teacher Essay - Kelly Neil July 2010 Teaching a...

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Kelly Neil UWP 01 19 July 2010 Teaching a Teacher Constant worries run through my mind as I try to write a good paper for my composition class. Will the teacher grade on a curve? I need to get an A. Should I write a sentence a certain way since I know my teacher is fond of structure? Should I use examples to demonstrate all of my points? Will this teacher grade my essay the same way as my last? The answer to these questions is simple – no. Every teacher uses different strategies when grading a student’s paper. The distinction between a good teacher and a bad teacher is determined by the effectiveness of their relationship with their student, the tone they use, and the explanation techniques that they demonstrate in their classroom. The relationship a teacher has with his or her student is an imperative form of communication that greatly affects the students comfort with writing. Samantha Brown, a fellow UC Davis student, states, “I write better in classes when I know that my teacher is available and willing to help. I don’t like when teachers are intimidating or when I feel like they are looking down on me for being confused”. In order to progress in writing, one should be able to seek advice from a superior without the fear of looking like an idiot. After all, it is an instructor’s job to answer questions and help students feel comfortable with the writing process. If a teacher cannot relate to his or her students and help them along the way then they will not only hate the writing process, but writing in general. However, Straub argues that since “There exists a power mismatch between teacher and students, all teacher comments exert control over student writing” (97). Control over a student’s
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writing can be useful or abused. A good teacher uses his or her power to suggest ideas and ways for students to improve their writing rather than forcing them to change their opinions and cater to their teacher’s beliefs. As helpful as a good comment can be, short and vague feedback from a bad teacher does not help the student realize their writing problems, which results in the continuation of the writer’s bad habits. By controlling their power, teachers open their minds and are enlightened by ideas they might have never thought of on their own.
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UWP 1 Teacher Essay - Kelly Neil July 2010 Teaching a...

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