1992 Criminal Law

1992 Criminal Law - EXAM NO CRIMINAL LAW Section A Final...

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EXAM NO. CRIMINAL LAW Section A Final Examination Two and 1/2 Hours December 9, 1992 1:OO-3:30 THIS EXAMINATION MUST BE RETURNED WITH YOUR BLUEBOOKS OPEN BOOK Instructions The three problems are of unequal weight in grading. Each is worth a point value proportionate to its suggested testing time. Budget your time accordingly. Answer all the questions reasonably raised in each problem even thouqh your resolution of a prior issue in the same problem may technically make decision of the other issues immaterial. If you believe that you need more facts than are presented to adequately resolve an issue, indicate specifically what facts you believe you need and why. Specific citations to cases are welcome but not as a substitute for thinking, i.e. do not use case citations instead of clearly stating the relevant point of law.
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CRIMINAL LAW 5 A EXAM NO. I. (60 minutes) Consider the following set of facts: "After drinking with friends at a bar, Joseph Zekany decided to hold an early morning party at his home. Various people at the bar were invited, including the victim, Russell Bullwinkle, and his three friends. "After the party was underway, the victim and Joseph engaged in a verbal argument and in a minor physical confrontation. More angry words were exchanged between the victim and Joseph as the victim left the residence with his friends . "As the victim and his friends approached the victim's pickup in Joseph's front yard, Joseph was told by his brother, Zachary Zekany, that someone in the group had a martial arts weapon and had threatened to kill Joseph and that he should get a bat to defend himself. Instead, Joseph asked Zachary to get his .300 calibre military-type rifle for him. Zachary ran and got the rifle. "The victim and his friends entered the
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1992 Criminal Law - EXAM NO CRIMINAL LAW Section A Final...

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