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2004 Criminal Law

2004 Criminal Law - E'xAh1 NO CRIhIINXL LAW Section A1...

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E'xAh1 NO. CRIhIINXL LAW Section A1 Final Examination December 20,2004 2% Hours 9:OO-11:30 THIS EWIINAT[ON MUST BE RETURNED WITH YOUR BLUEBOOKS OPE3 BOOK Instructions The three problems dre of unequal weight in grading. Eacli is worth J point value proportionate to its suggested time. Bucieet - your rime accordingl~. . Answer all the quesric>ns re:~sonal~l\r raid in each prohiern tx:tn rlioueh vour resolution ofa prior issue in the same :~roblem ma\ rrclinicallu make 2ec;sion ot ~ht orher issues immaterial. If you believ-e :hat xou need milre I'ms t llan Jre prcsenrzci ro .~ci~quately resolve an issue. indicate specificall!; \,v hat tics !:ou I~elie*:~ >.i)u nerd and '.v li!'.
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CRIbIINAL LAW 3 A1 EXAM NO. Specific citations to cases are welcome but not as a substitute for thinking, i.e. do not use case citations instead of clearly stating the relevant point of law. I. (60 Minutes) Consider the following scenario: "Kenyatta Francis testified that, on January 24,2001, he met with Quentin Wiley (a/k/a 'Heat7) to discuss the sale of one and one-quarter kilograms of cocaine he (Francis) had in his possession. Wiley told Francis that he knew someone who would buy the cocaine. Francis responded that he didn't want the buyer to know he was selling drugs, and that Wiley would have to 'serve7 him. That evening, Francis drove a Lexus sports utility vehicle (SUV) to the home of Wiley's girlfriend. He was accompanied by a friend, Corey Charles, who was not involved in the planned transaction. Wiley joined the two men, and they set out to locate the buyer." "Following Wiley's directions, Francis drove to the Concordia Apartments on Westwood Drive in Marrero. Wiley exited the vehicle, carrying the cocaine in a plastic garbage bag. Wiley walked a short distance and met with a man Francis later identified as defendant, Damaris Jackson. Jackson and Wiley walked toward one of the apartment buildings and disappeared from view, while Francis and Charles waited in the SUV." "When Wiley failed to return, Francis placed a call to his cellular telephone. He asked Wiley why the transaction was taking so long. Wiley told Francis that the buyer wanted to negotiate some changes in the original agreement. Francis exited the SUV, leaving Charles alone in the vehicle. Jackson approached Francis and told him he would take him to Wiley." "Francis and Jackson walked along the outside of one of the apartment buildings. At this time, Francis did not see Wiley.
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2004 Criminal Law - E'xAh1 NO CRIhIINXL LAW Section A1...

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