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Thomas Alva Edison - J Quit job to become an entrepreneur K...

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Thomas Alva Edison 1847-1931 I. Introduction A. One of the greatest inventors in American history. B. Played a critical role in introducing the modern age of electricity C. Held 1093 patents 1. phonograph 2. incandescent lamp 3. first commercial electric light and power system 4. experimental electric railroad 5. motion picture industry 6. alkaline battery D. He created the world's first industrial-research laboratory II. Early Years A. Born Feb. 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio B. Seventh and last child of Samuel Edison, Jr. ,a carpenter, and Nancy C. Hearing problems D. In 1854 Edisons moved to Michigan where he entered school E. Quit school at age 12 F. Trainboy for Michigan Central Railroad G. Learned telegraph H. Telegraphs changed from tape to sound I. Invented duplex telegraph
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Unformatted text preview: J. Quit job to become an entrepreneur K. In 1870 moved to New York 1. Invented the quadruplex 2. Jay Gould paid $100,000 3. Largest payment ever for an invention (age 27) III. Menlo Park A. In 1871 married Mary Stilwell (ages 24 and 16) B. In 1876 Father built laboratory in Menlo Park, N.J. C. In 1877 invented the phonograph D. Wizard of Menlo Park E. On December 3, 1879 invented the incandescent electric light 1. J. P. Morgan 2. Vanderbilt family 3. Francis Upton 4. World's first permanent commercial central power system in lower Manhattan IV Motion Pictures IV. Died October 18, 1931 at age 84 A. Rags to riches B. Egotist C. Workaholic D. Neglected his family E. Mourned around the world at his death...
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