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Utopian Socialist Introduction With industrial revolution cane an increase of hardships for the working public. This resulted in the beginning of a group of thinkers from the working class and the upper class who wanted to rid society form the evils of poverty, hunger, and wealth. They wanted harmony and cooperation, not ruthless competition, to form the economic affairs. Generally convinced of the goodness of human nature, they dreamed of a happy future. A. Saint – Simon (1760-1825 1. Believed that human society must be scientifically organized and directed 2. Proposed the abolition of class distinction 3. Control of society by industrial experts 4. His motto:
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Unformatted text preview: “Everything by industry, everything for industry.” B. Charles Fourier (1772-1837) 1. Another French reformer like Saint-Simone 2. Future society must be cooperative 3. Proposed communal living – 1800 persons 4. Brook Farm, Massachusetts Robert Owen (1771-1858) 1. Most realistic Utopian 2. Native of Wales, rose from an artisan apprentice to co-owner and manager of large cotton mill 3. Belief – Man is shaper by his environment. Good environment yields good moral and physical standards. 4. New Lanark – new houses, garbage collection, free schools, reduce work hours from 14 to 10, no child labor under age 11. 5. Built New Harmony, Indiana...
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