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Classical Greece: The Fifth Century I. Historical Perspective (BC dates) A. 1200 Fall of Troy B. 1100 Dorian Invasion C. 1100-700 Dark Ages D. 850 Homer E. 776 Olympic Games F. 750 Colonization G. 621 Draco – Code of Law H. 594 Solon – Economists I. 550 Persians took Holy Lands and Western Asia Minor J. 490 Persians under Darius invaded Greece Athenians defeated the Persians at Marathon
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Unformatted text preview: K. 480 Persians under Xerxes defeated Sparta Athens sacked and burned Athenians defeated Persian fleet at Salamis Rebuilding of Athens began l. 449-429 Pericles rules Athens M. 431-404 Peloponnesian War – Athens and Sparta N. 404 Athens defeated End of Athenian Empire Democracy died II. Fifth Century Outline A. Persian Wars B. Age of Pericles C. Peloponnesian War III....
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