Introduction to the Greeks

Introduction to the Greeks - c Homer said “Zeus takes...

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Introduction to the Greeks Topic: Greeks saw themselves as different from other people. A. Definition: different B. Hellenes and Barbarians C. Differences: 1. Primary difference: Language - Barbarians did not speak Greek 2. Literature Epic poetry, theater , philosophy, economics, mathematics, natural science, history , etc. 3. Government a. Greeks were free – democracy b. Barbarians were slaves – kings
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Unformatted text preview: c. Homer said, “Zeus takes away from a man half of his manhood if the day of enslavement lays hold of him.” 4. Dignity of man a. With freedom comes dignity (self worth). b. John Adams wrote, “We must study war and military, so our children can study science, so their children can study art, pottery, etc.” c. Aristotle wrote, “Man is a political animal.”...
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