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Olympic Games1 - between the city-states for three months I...

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Olympic Games A. Began 776 B. Location: Olympia, in the north-western Pelopennesus, not Mount Olympus C. Games in honor of Zeus D. Temple of Zeus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world E. Pindar stated that the Olympic Games were started by Heracles (Hercules is the Latin form), the “superman” of Greek mythology. F. Panhellenic G. Occurred every four years, in August between the grain harvest and gathering of olives and grapes. H. Three heralds dispatched throughout Greece declaring a Sacred Truce – no war
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Unformatted text preview: between the city-states for three months. I. Competition occurred over five days J. Prizes were olive wreathes K. Married women were excluded from the event L. Originally began as a running event, other sports were added later M. Winners were treated like gods in their home towns N. Events 1. Running 2. Pentathlon 3. Discus-throwing 4. Javelin-throwing 5. Long-jump 6. Wrestling 7. Pankration 8. Boxing 9. Chariot-races...
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