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Philip II - 3 Enhance commerce E War against the Illyrians...

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Philip II King of Macedonia 382-336 B.C. Introduction: 1. Macedonia was a poor section of Greece, farming was not good. 2. Macedonia never had democracy. 3. Men could have numerous wives. A. Power vacuum B. Philip II, King of Macedonia Perdiccus, King of Macedonia Philip was his younger brother who later became King of Macedonia Philip’s first wife was Olympias who was not a Macedonian, but a Greek Alexander was the son of Philip and Olympias C. Cavalry, catapults, and siege towers D. Gold and silver mines 1. Support his military efforts 2. Establish a number of new cities in Macedonia 4. Bribe politicians of other Greek cities
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Enhance commerce E. War against the Illyrians and won F. Battle of Chaeronea in August 2, 338 1. Athenians, assisted by Thebans 2. Alexander the Great, age 18 G. The League of Corinth, 337 B.C. 1. Stop internal and external warfare 2. Protect the freedom of the seas 3. Form a joint army commanded by Philip H. Philip’s desire to attack Persia I. Death of Philip, 336 B.C. 1. Wedding feast in 337, Philip got drunk, tried to kill Olympias, Alexander 2. Philip’s wedding, he was assassinated, and Alexander took charge. J. Hellenic Age / Hellenistic Age...
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