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Architecture Romanesque and Gothic Introduction Architecture of the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth century was mostly church or cathedral architecture. I. Romanesque (Roman like) A. Characteristics 1. vaulted ceilings 2. large Roman style architecture 3. large sculpture included in the architecture B. Influences creating this form of architecture 1. pilgrimages 2. monastic movement C. Reasons for pilgrimages 1. plea for divine help 2. cure of illnesses 3. giving thanks 4. forgiveness 5. salvation of one’s soul D. Economic reasons for building the cathedrals E. Road to Santiago de Compostela
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Unformatted text preview: The Church of St. James, the disciple of Jesus F. Church of Mary Magdalene at Vezelay G. Relics H. Sculpture Presented the Bible message for people who could not read I. No names People are not important, only God II. Gothic (rude or uncouth) A. Where it began? Church of St. Denis, Paris (it housed the relics of St. Denis) B. Characteristics of Gothic 1. pointed arches 2. ribbed vaults 3. flying buttresses 4. vertical dimension 5. light C. Chartres Cathedral relic - the tunic of the Virgin Mary when Jesus was born D. Sculpture E. Stained glass windows - art in the glass F. Gargoyles...
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Architecture_Romanesque_and_Gothic - The Church of St....

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