Athens, Fifth Century - Architecture

Athens, Fifth Century - Architecture - d never completed 2...

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Athens, Fifth Century B.C. (HUM 2220) A. Acropolis 1. acro = hill 2. polis = city 3. acropolis = city on a hill 4. the sacred hill in Athens - temples, shrines, statues, etc. B. Agora 1. agora = market place 2. center of commerce, politics, education, gatherings, administration, justice C. Stoa 1. A roofed row of shops with a colonnade front 2. Located in the agora D. Theater of Dionysus (Bacchae) 1. Dionysus, god of wine, drunkenness, debauchery, frenzy 2. Where Greek plays were presented E. Panathenic Way 1. main road through the city to the Acropolis 2. went through the agora F. Structures on the Acropolis 1. Propylaea (443-437) a. gateway to the acropolis b. built during the reign of Pericles c. ionic and Doric architecture
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Unformatted text preview: d. never completed 2. Parthenon (447-438) a. the major structure b. foundation is curved c. columns are curved d. Doric style architecture e. Terms i. cella - interior room ii. portal - doorway to the cella iii. portico - porch of columns iv. colonnade - row of columns v. post and lintel - style of Greek buildings vi. capital - crown of the columns vii. flutes - grooves in the columns (20 per column 3. Erechtheum (421-406) a. Ionic style b. were Erechtheus, founder of the city, once lived c. porch of the six maidens 4. Temple of Athena Nike (420) a. Ionic structure b. Adjacent to the Propylaea G. Types of columns 1. Doric 2. Ionic 3. Corinthian...
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Athens, Fifth Century - Architecture - d never completed 2...

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