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Michelangelo 1475-1564 A. Born in Florentine territory on March 6, 1475 B. One of the few artists to come from aristocratic stock. C. Family fortunes had declined D. Father strongly objected to becoming an artist. E. Treated his father with respect, asked for his prayers, and sent him money. F. His great talent was noticed early. 1. Apprenticed for a local Florentine painter at age 13. 2. Joined the school provided by the Medici family, Lorenzo the Magnificent 3. The fake sleeping cupid G. A scientific study of the anatomy by use of corpses H. Savonarola – guilt and fear of hell I. Rome – arrived there at age 21, a French Cardinal commissioned him to do
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Unformatted text preview: the “Pieta.” for St. Peter’s J. Florence, 1501, at age 26 – city magistrates commissioned him to sculpt a piece to reflect the pride, vigor, and austere idealism of Florence – the results was the “David.” – The heroic – 18 ft. tall, and from one block of stone. K. Battle of Cascina – competition between Michelangelo and Leomardo da Vinci L. Rome – to paint the Sistine Chapel, but he was not a painted, but a sculptor. Later “The Last Judgment” M. Moses N. 1564 at age of 89 he suffered a stroke, gave his last confession, and died....
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