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Constantine - Roman world 9 Battle at the Milvian Bridge...

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Constantine (Reigned 306-337) 1. Born 280AD in Illyria from peasant parents. 2. Father Constantius Chlorus, raised as a peasant, rose to be a general in the military and later as an Assistant Emperor in the West (England, and Gaul). 3. Mother was a barmaid and probably a prostitute 4. Constantine was an able administrator who rose to the role of Emperor through the military, but not well educated. 5. Under Diocletian Constantine rose to be Assistant Emperor of West (England and Gaul), the poorest and least populated part of Roman Empire. 6. When Diocletian retired in 306AD, civil war resulted between the three other Emperors. 7. Maxentius, the Battle at the Milvian Bridge in 312AD thus giving Constantine rule of the Western Empire from 312-324. 8. In 324AD Constantine defeated his eastern rivalry to become ruler of all the
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Unformatted text preview: Roman world. 9. Battle at the Milvian Bridge. Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea, Constantine’s biographer wrote of the account 10. Constantine’s conversion, “By this sign you shall conquer,” and the Chi Rho a. Symbol. 11. Constantine’s mission: Save the Roman Empire and enhance the Christian Church. 12. Edict of Milan in 313AD stopped the persecution of the Christians. 13. Council of Nicea (Nicaea) in 324AD, distinction between God and Christ. 300 bishops, hundreds of clergyman, and lay people, resulted in the Nicaean Creed. 14. Building of new churches, expanding the faith, setting bishops in charge of territories. 15. 330AD Byzantium created. 16. Constantine died in 337AD and was baptized on his death bed....
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