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Unformatted text preview: Diocletian (Reigned 284 305) 1. From Illyria (a nonRoman resident), elected by the army. 2. Able administrator 3. Enacted wage and price controls 4. Enacted religious persecution. a. Against astrology b. Against Manicheans Persian religion, two gods c. Against Christians "Great Persecution" to stamp out Christianity banned assembly of Christians, destroyed churches, burned scriptures, and death or forced labor to those who refused to sacrifice to the old Roman gods policy failed. d. Was devoted to the old Roman gods. 5. Divided the Empire into two separate areas most important act of Diocletian a. West headed by Rome b. East headed by Nicomedia c. Two emperors with a junior Emperor each thus 4 Emperors d. Divided each of the two major areas, West and East, into smaller territories called dioceses (bureaucracies). 6. Insisted on divine status "Lord and God" 7. Retired in 305 A.D. ...
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