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Islam Theme: “There is no god but Allah” A. Introduction 1. Allah – Arabic name of word for God 2. Muslim – one who submits or one who commits himself to Islam 3. Islam – submission or surrender 4. “I am a Muslim” – means “I am one who commits myself to Allah” B. Pre-Islamic Arab Religions 1. Arab tribal religions 2. Christianity 3. Judaism 4. Kaaba – “the cube” a. Built by Abraham and Ishmael b. “The black stone that fell from heaven in the days of Adam” 5. Zoroastrianism C. The Life of Muhammad (570-632 AD) 1. Born in or near Mecca 2. Father died before his birth, mother died when he was 6 years old, orphaned thus was raised by his grandfather and later his uncle 3. Raised as a shepherd, thus had little opportunity for a formal education 4. As an adult, worked the caravan business – encountered the above religions
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Khadija – owner of the caravan, became his wife, 40-25, had 2 sons and 4 daughters 6. He was a seeker of truth 7. Angel Gabriel – told him to recite a. Refused b. Koran (Quran) – Holy Scripture – meaning – the recitings 8. He shared his message and beliefs with the people of Mecca – they refused it 9. Went to Medina 10. Led pilgrimages to Mecca – opposed by the people of Mecca 11. In 630 conquered Mecca and cleansed the Kaaba 12. In 632 he died of ill health D. “The Five Pillars of Islam” 1. witness – There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his Messenger” 2. daily prayers – 5 times a day 3. fasting – during Ramadan – no food, drink, sexual relations, and smoking 4. almsgiving – 2.5% 5. pilgrimage – to Mecca E. Mosque – worship center...
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