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Jerome 340-420 AD The Catholic Bible - The Vulgate 1. Born of Christian parents, at the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea 2. As a youth, studied in Rome - influenced by the church 3. Baptized in Rome in his mid-twenties - became attracted to the ascetic life 4. Returned home - became an ascetic 5. Traveled East and lived for 3 years just outside Antioch 6. Moved to Antioch and was ordained a priest 7. Toured the Holy Lands 8. Returned to Rome and served as a secretary to Pope Damasus
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Paula 10. He advocated the ascetic life and virginity and opposed clergymen wanting wealth 11. Left Rome at death of Pope Damasus 12. Jerome and Paula visited the Holy Lands - towns associated with Jesus 13. Settled in Bethlehem - built a monastery there 14. Life of a monk - prayers, copied manuscripts, finished The Vulgate, etc. 15. Lived 34 years in Bethlehem and died...
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