the larynx - The Larynx structure hung in the neck like a...

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The Larynx Musculocartilagenous structure hung in the neck like a sling At birth the larynx sits about C2 and descends to about C4 Might have to be removed: Laryngectomy usually as the result of laryngeal cancer difficult to expectorate phlegm Tracheostoma: hole to breathe through a tube Deglutition: swallowing Mastification: chewing Vocal Folds Movement a lot like buzzing on a mouthpiece. What makes the sound unique is the movement through the resonators (vocal tract) Tension on the vocal folds RAISES pitch Relaxing the vocal folds LOWERS pitch Longitudinal Tension: lengthening the vocal folds and relaxing them causing a pitch change intonational changes are what alters the meaning of phrases and utterances Mass and density affects the depth of voice Hyoid bone only bone that doesn't articulate with another bone "U" shaped with horns greater horns extend posteriorly lesser horns extend superiorly There is a lot of musculature attached to the hyoid bone Membranes and Ligaments Thyrohyoid membrane, lateral thyrohyoid ligament , and median thyrohyoid ligament cover the space between the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage Hyoepiglottic and thyroepiglottic ligaments attach the epiglottis to the corpus hyoid and the inner thyroid cartilage, respectively Cricotracheal ligament attaches the trachea to the larynx Fibroelastic membrane , composed of the upper quadrangular membranes and aryepiglottic folds; the lower conus elasticus and the vocal ligament which is the upward free extension of the conus elasticus
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Cartilages of the Larynx Paired Cartilages Arytenoid Muscular Process: laterally moves the vocal folds
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the larynx - The Larynx structure hung in the neck like a...

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