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Judaism I. Introduction Influences that brought about the Middle Ages. 1. Decline of the Roman Empire 2. Blend of classical Greek and Roman ideas and culture 3. Judeo-Christian thought or heritage II. Origin of the Hebrew People (Jews) A. Nomads, not highly civilized B. Entered Palestine or Land of Canaan around 2000 BC C. Led by the father of the tribe, Abraham D. Kept the tribe apart from other tribes E. Their stories became the lessons of the acts of their God (monotheism) III. Two major aspects of Judaism A. Abraham = faith = covenant 1. Call of Abraham - Genesis 12:1-8 a. Abraham - “Father of the Hebrew Nation” b. man of faith and obedience c. little education or knowledge of God d. God “chose” Abraham - thus the “Chosen People” 2. Covenant - Genesis 17:1-14
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Unformatted text preview: a. Covenant (testament) = two-way promise b. “I will be your God, if you will be my people” c. mark of the covenant - circumcism 3. Sons of Abraham - Ishmael (Hagar) and Isaac (Sarah) B. Moses = law = ethics 1. Birth of Moses - Exodus 1:1-2:10 2. Call of Moses (Burning Bush) - Exodus 2:23-4:17 a. Condition of Israel in Egypt b. Yahweh c. Command - Go to Egypt and free the Hebrew people 3. Ten Commandments - Torah a. Ten Commandments did not make them God’s people - faith preceded law b. established a legal foundation for Hebrew Nation and western societies c. structure: 1-4 = God; 5 = family; 6-10 = individuals IV. Elements of Judaism A. Sacred text - Hebrew Bible B. Temple in Jerusalem C. Prophets, Priests, and Kings D. Synagogues E. Day of worship - Saturday...
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