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Monasticism A. Term monasticism - from the Greek word monos (alone) B. Origin 1. East - Hinduism and Buddhism 2. West - Age of martyrdom 3. Disciples of Christ C. Vows of the monk 1. poverty 2. chastity (celibacy) 3. obedience D. Types of monks 1. hermits 2. wanderers E. The Rule of Saint Benedict 1. Saint Benedict 480-547, founder of the first monastic order 2. His rule became the basic form of monasticism in the West
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Daily routine (p. 276) F. What did these monks do? Pray and work 1. study of scripture 2. development of liturgy 3. creation of sacred music 4. evangelism G. Gregorian Chants 1. Pope Gregory I (540-604), known as Pope Gregory the Great 2. monophonic 3. called plainsong H. Women in the monastic movement 1. monasteries or convents 2. Council of Ephesus in 431 - the Mother of God...
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