Roman Empire - Rise and Fall

Roman Empire - Rise and Fall - Roman Empire Rise and Fall I...

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Unformatted text preview: Roman Empire: Rise and Fall I. Rise A. First Century (14 A.D. 96 A.D.) 1. Pax Romana 2. Bad Emperors greed, immorality, etc. Ex: Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero B. Second Century (96 A.D. 193 A.D.) 1. Pax Romana 2. Good Emperors good administrators concern for the state, etc. Ex: Trajan (98117) Forum Hadrian (117138) Pantheon Marcus Aurelius (161180) 3. Government expansion 4. Road construction for military purposes and well as commerce 5. Women's rights improved could own property, run businesses, make wills, receive an education 6. Growth of Christianity Fall A. Third Century (200 A.D. 284 A.D.) 1. Wars Reemergence of the Persian Dynasty and the movements of the Germanic tribes 2. Rising cost of defense 3. Taxes raised to support the military 4. Inflation value of money declined 5. Rebellions 6. Series of Emperors 27 Emperors in 50 years B. Late Third Century and Early Fourth Century (284 A.D. 337 A.D.) The Empire was saved, at least temporarily, by Diocletian and Constantine. [See sheets on Diocletian and Constantine] II. C. Later Fourth Century and Fifth Century 1. Western Empire a. Continued to fall apart b. Germanic tribes continued to threaten Rome c. 410 A.D. Visigoths sacked Rome of its more movable wealth d. 455 A.D. Vandals sacked Rome e. 476 A.D the last Roman Emperor of the West was defeated by a German army. 2. Eastern Empire Became the Byzantine Empire which lasted until 1453 when it fell to the Turks (Ottoman Empire) ...
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