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Saint Augustine - These things he did 11 He yielded to his...

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Saint Augustine The Bishop of Hippo 354-430 A.D. “Augustine was the greatest writer, philosopher, and theologian of the early church.” “Augustine was the greatest Christian thinker since St. Paul.” 1. Born in North Africa of a pagan father and a Christian mother. 2. Attended school and received a classical education in Africa major academic strength was rhetoric. 3. At age 17 he took of a mistress or concubine this yielded a son. 4. Rejected the New Testament as inferior to Cicero (Stoicism). 5. Later, he rejected Stoicism and became a Manichaean. 6. He gave up Manichaeism because of his lust for the flesh. 7. His prayer at this time was, “Grant me chastity and self - control, but not yet.” 8. At age 29 he went to Rome with his mistress to teach rhetoric. 9. Stayed in Rome one year and accepted a similar post in Milan; so he with his son and mistress moved to Milan. Lived there three years. 10. Monica, his mother, joined him in Milan and encouraged him to send the mistress away and become engaged to local girl of a good family.
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Unformatted text preview: These things he did. 11. He yielded to his physical desires again and took for himself another mistress. 12. Influences: Monica, close friends, and the preaching of Ambrose, Bishop of Milan. 13. In the garden he heard a child’s voice from across the wall saying, “Take up and read.” (Romans 13). This reading brought him to a decision whereupon he avowed his allegiance to Christ. 14. Shortly he was baptized by Ambrose. 15. A year later Augustine left Milan, along with his mother and his son, and went back to North Africa. Monica died en route and his son died about a year later. 16. This grief, plus other influences, led him to take up the monastic life. 17. He moved to Hippo, started a monastery, and became the Bishop of Hippo. 18. Continued in Hippo for 30 years until his death. 19. He wrote numerous letters, sermons, essays, and books. His two best known writings were the books The City of God and Confessions ....
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Saint Augustine - These things he did 11 He yielded to his...

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