SamplePaper32 - Euripedes Medea is a play dealing with a...

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Unformatted text preview: Euripedes Medea is a play dealing with a woman who has been betrayed. Medea had been betrayed by her husband and country. She had to now deal with both the problem of betrayal and being exciled. The purpose of this paper is to discuss Medea as seen as a m§Qher, wffe, and mugfierer. Medea tried to be a good mother and really cared for her children. When she found out about the betrayal and being exiled she tried to avoid her children as much as possible. Medea did what she thought best for her children, for she did not want them to live a life of exile like she would live. But murdering them was a bit harsh on her part. She should have stayed with the plan of allowing for the children to stay and gone on with her life without her children. allowing their father to raise them. Another way Medea is shown in the play is as a betrayed cap - .- . wife. Medea was a loyal_wife to Jason and always was obedient. She would always stand by dason. But we see Medea change towards him as the play progressesg .Medea had every right to be mad at‘Uasbn: he had betrayediher. Medea gets mad and goes all the way to telling the chorus she will kill him. She becomes nice to Jason aboutflthree—fourths into E? the play, only because she wants to get her way. At the end of the play we see Medea living and betraying Jason,by leaving and not allowing for him to even see his boys. x” As a wife Medea starts out loyal but ends up giving Jason what he deserves. With giving the treatment that Jason finally deserved k \ Medea did it in a drastic way. Medea went all the way as to murder up to four people, people who were a part of Jason's life. Medea made herself out to be a muggerer, and did the majority of the killing by using her children. She used her children by giving them gifts of a gown and a golden coronet to give to the princess to allow them to stay. But what the children and Princess Glauce did not know was that the gifts were poisoned. From the poison which killed the princess it also murdered her father,by when he was holding his daughters dead body the poison killed him too. Then Medea vent and killed her two sons. She did this because she was trying to protect them from both exile and the towns people. Medea killed to get even with Jason but she went to far. For she did not only lose her husband but her two children. @ Medea was seen in the play as a mother, wfgz, and murderer. Though the towns people were behind her because of her betrayal she ended up doing more wrong than Jason. Medea would have been better off if she had left when she was supposed to. ...
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SamplePaper32 - Euripedes Medea is a play dealing with a...

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