The Age of Chivalry

The Age of Chivalry - F Loyalty of the knight 1 promised...

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The Age of Chivalry A. Definition - from the French language meaning “horseman” B. Setting - 1. feudalism 2. blending of military and Christianity C. A code of conduct that governed medieval warfare D. How to make gentleman soldiers out of ruthless, uneducated, uncivilized soldiers E. Medieval knights pledged: 1. to serve God 2. to serve their lord faithfully 3. to treat others with courtesy and generosity
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Unformatted text preview: F. Loyalty of the knight 1. promised not to kill the lord 2. promised not to sleep with the lord’s wife 3. promised not to surrender his lord’s castle G. Knight’s treatment of the ladies, especially the lord’s lady H. Chivalric tournaments or activities 1. jousting 2. horsemanship 3. hunting 4. fencing (sword fighting) 5. war games 6. dining 7. singing 8. poetry...
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