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Kuru - Kuru A PRION DISEASE What is Kuru u d c rre c hat o...

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Unformatted text preview: Kuru A PRION DISEASE What is Kuru? u d c rre c hat o o de t is r r ngthe ain d r o atal b 0sam amly andf 50s-6 F i e19 rare a ingth Ne Guine . u isa Kur esdur v le l o w b dytissue i ds f mc h t e ide in thehig lan mm e's o a p e br o e ple amly f i ep r Fo ca d e e se ated o and o c k b ain. and r Kuru Region Causative Microbial Agent Kuru isc e b aprio ands rve asapro type aus d y n e s to fo ag upo prio dis as slikes rapiein s e r ro f n e e c he p, trans is ib m s ng rme e m s le ink po ifo nc phalo pathy, b vines ng rme e o po ifo nc phalo pathy [BSE] o m c w r ad o dis as . e e The brain with holes as a result from Kuru Symptoms Kuru may begin with difficulty walking and increasing incoordination, which eventually become severe. Tremors and muscle jerks are often seen in the later stages of the disease. Difficulty swallowing and inability to feed oneself lead to malnutrition or starvation. The incubation period (the time it takes until symptoms develop) for this disease can be up to 30 years or longer. Death, however, usually occurs within a year after the onset of symptoms. The effects of Kuru include congestion of blood vessels, seen here, and in long-standing cases, cortical atrophy, not obvious here. Treatment There were no treatments that could control or cure Kuru, other than discouraging the practice of cannibalism. Currently, there are no cures or treatments for any of the other TSE diseases. The End Applause ...
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