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08/18/11 i CHEMISTRY S117 SYLLABUS FALL 2011 Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry I, Honors INSTRUCTORS: Prof. Romualdo deSouza C230 Chemistry Bldg. 855-3767 E-mail: [email protected] Prof. Benjamin Burlingham A206 Chemistry Bldg. 856-7782 E-mail: [email protected] PREREQUISITES: Appropriate performance on the chemistry placement exam. TEXTS: Steven S. Zumdahl, Chemical Principles, 6th edition, (Houghton Mifflin Company). A student solutions manual is shrink-wrapped with the textbook and the two should be purchased as a package. LECTURES MWF: 9:05-9:55 AM in CH033: Prof. deSouza will teach the first half of the course and Prof. Burlingham will teach the second half. Prof. Burlingham will teach the first half of the lab part of the course and Prof. deSouza will teach the second half. Experience has shown that students who regularly attend lectures and discussion sections do much better on the exams. Demonstrations will be performed that will complement other lecture and textbook material. ONCOURSE WEBSITE: SOURCES OF HELP: Associate Instructor: David Kiefer: [email protected] AI office hours: TBA on course website 1. ASSOCIATE INSTRUCTORS’ OFFICE HOURS: The AI’s will have scheduled office hours in the General Chemistry Resource Center, C046 (see above). These hours will be announced at the end of the first week of classes. This room also contains some computers with programs designed to aid students in learning general chemistry. You should try these programs. 2. PROFESSORS’ OFFICE HOURS : Professor deSouza is available in his office (C230) from 10-11 am on Monday and 1:30-2:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Office hours for Professor Burlingham are Tuesday 10-11 am and Thursday 11 am – noon , in his office (A206). Both professors are also available by prior appointment at other times. Make arrangements after lecture. 3. A list of qualified tutors can be obtained from the Undergraduate Office web site ( ). These are usually graduate students majoring in chemistry who can be hired on an hourly basis. On Sunday through Wednesday from 7-10 pm in C046 and C006 an advanced student will be available to offer tutoring assistance to general and organic chemistry students. 4. Undergraduate Office, C021. This office is a source for help with record keeping and administrative questions, general advising, handouts, etc. They will not know answers to specific questions about this course. 5. Friends and comrades in arms. They can often be of more help than all of the above.
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08/18/11 ii Please note starting time of discussion sections HOMEWORK: Problems will be assigned from each textbook chapter. Students have access to a solutions manual for some of the text book questions. Some homework problems may also be assigned within the CALM system ( ). DISCUSSION SECTIONS:
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syllabus - CHEMISTRY S117 SYLLABUS Principles of Chemistry...

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