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Exam 1 review sheet

Exam 1 review sheet - REVIEW SHEET FOR EXAM ONE Chapters...

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REVIEW SHEET FOR EXAM ONE FALL 2007 Chapters 1-4, Lectures 1-8 LECTURE ONE: WELCOME TO COM 100 Know the seven areas of study in the human communication discipline (e.g., interpersonal, organizational, etc.) CHAPTER ONE Understand how communication transforms relationships, lives, etc. Be very familiar the textbook authors definition of communication Understand what we mean when we say that communication is an ongoing process Know what a symbol is and how symbols function in communication Know the difference between iconic and indexical communication (and be able to recognize examples of each) Know what each of the components of the communication model means (e.g., feedback, noise, types of context, etc.) Be familiar with how the three different communication models differ (e.g., linear, interactive, transactive) Know the difference between content and relationship meaning and the components of content meaning Know why we need ethical communication Know what we mean when we say communication is consequential
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