Remember buffer solutions are encountered during

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Unformatted text preview: pH at equivalence Titrating a strong acid (base) with a strong base (acid) pH at equivalence Titrating a weak acid with a strong base pH at equivalence Titrating a weak base with a strong acid pH at equivalence buffers and <tra<ons 27 Titra<ng a BASE with a Strong Acid buffers and <tra<ons 28 INDICATORS InH+ pH interval for Name color change Methyl violet 1 - 2 Methyl yellow 1.5 - 2.5 Methyl orange 2.5 - 4.0 Methyl red 4.2 - 6.3 Bromthymol blue 6.0 - 7.6 Thymol blue 8.0 - 9.6 Phenolphthalein 8.5 - 10 Alizarin yellow G 10.1-12.0 In + H+ Base color Violet Yellow Yellow Yellow Blue Blue Pink Red Some of the more common acid-base indicators Acid color Yellow Red Red Red Yellow Yellow Colorless Yellow buffers and <tra<ons 29 Titra<ons of Polypro<c Acids 30 buffers and <tra<ons Problem A buffer solution is 0.20M in HPO42- and 0.10M in H2PO4-. What is the [H+] in this solution? H3PO4: Ka1 = 7.5 x 10-3 Ka2 = 6.2 x 10-8 Ka3 = 1 x 10-12 A. B. C. D. E. 3.7 x 10-3 M 3.7 x 10-4 M 3.1 x 10-8 M 3.1 x 10-9 M 5.0 x 10-13 M buffers and <tra<ons 31...
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