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Announcements SS 3858

Announcements SS 3858 - Various course handouts and other...

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Various course handouts and other relevant information will be posted here. January 3, 2011 course outline Stat3858bOutline2011.pdf January 3, 2011 : Ch8-StatModels.pdf January 5, 2011 : See computing page for exponential and first look at Gamma fitting Computing.htm January 7, 2011 : ch8-2intro.pdf January 7, 2011 : Some basic ideas and properties of estimators ch8-2-estimator-prop.pdf This material January 7 or 10, 2011 : construction of two common estimators. Ch8-TwoTypesEstimators.pdf This file will be updated a few times during the next few weeks. The first part of this handout introduces the method of moments estimation technique which corresponds to Chapter 8.4 in the test. The second part of this hand out corresponds to Chapter 8.5, the method of maximum likelihood estimation. January 14, 2011 : R script leading to ideas of comparing estimators EstEG1-exponential.txt This script will illustrate how we can compare estimators. Since only one of these has a distribution that we can analytically obtain we use numerical methods. The numerical methods are also useful for something called parametric bootstrap. January 17, 2011 : Continuation to compare estimators EstEG1-exponential - II.txt Delta method DeltaMethod.pdf This is related to the approximation methods of Section 4.6, combining that topic with the CLT
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