HW#5 Assignment (S'11)

HW#5 Assignment (S'11) - EE54O p,l o cfw_ I ' Shre LASER...

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EE54O (g',r) HoneurePk # 5 Att"gnment' THE OPTTCALLY - PUM PED r'TMO DIODE - PAF1PED p,l o{ I' Sol,'4 Shre LASER F'q,HWS,/. O sre .y'lz hr scAar'rtt,v. 147 -i4 R, M9 u& Rt zn{f ttlt ' -Iut 14t trdu'taknu t.fffi'tt&) piup tNTEttstry W"t) f, otd.r to ercttc t late atcilttat, you 7la< to lenrrc4 of htna,tq* # 4 h tho rhq rcstaztor tbvn F1'ttU'St. Tle 3 r",i,a 1r's Ptt. /ul2 td *lil have r;l-a;',/ibt R,,.R, .nJhs. .lt!fu, llo yt*J ?un1 *rtetfty Zp ft alove a"tlreJtolJ' t/n. 14 r ll ".l"rctt lase jjn. ,\ itn,,llcJ fran alrt*H3 uhosc t,antmits:on 6 .7otl (r-Rr)S.tl.r" & aoylillllo tctlfs{n1 t*ae u6l abto?tion in, tl;t rr.r"oF. Vrlh tA* kto-tbd1c, ttiitc fprm,zltE 6,e. .d;"t: B 'Ir,, s"lrn tle laser /teVu.4 vi eg.t/s r'zt i R,'R* rcrrtcJl R"=Rro. @f"r, et a f,zn.t'on of R", atlea-f, t lrrT/e 14 -f E! , , - --ind Rr=&
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