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CHEMISTRY 152 B (SLN 11683), WINTER 2012 SYLLABUS, POLICIES, AND PROCEDURES Lectures : M, W, F 3:30 PM – 4:20 PM, Kane Hall 130 Course Web Site: https://catalyst.uw.edu/workspace/chemwi12/26381 ( This page can also be reached via the departmental website: http://depts.washington.edu/chem/courses/) Prerequisites: Completed CHEM 142 with a grade of 1.7 or greater. Add or Drop: Go to Bagley 303 (Chemistry Department’s undergraduate services). Course Instructor: Prof. Bo Zhang Office: 209 Telephone: 206-543-1767 Email: [email protected] Office hours : Wed 4:30-5:30pm; Fri 4:30-5:30pm Lab Instructor: Dr. Andrea D. Carroll Office: BAG 219 Telephone: 616-5319 Email: [email protected] Office hours : Wed 3-4pm; Fri 11-12 Teaching Assistants: Name Email Sections Katherine Bryant [email protected] BA, BI Chelsea Hess [email protected] BB, BS (Lead) Tyler Stevens [email protected] BC, BN Marissa Wood [email protected] BD, BO Ross Grimshaw [email protected] BE, BU Thomas Oates [email protected] BF, BT Jeremy Tsang [email protected] BG, BL Julian Rees [email protected] BH, BQ Charles Barrows [email protected] BJ, BM Ellen Hayes [email protected] BK, BP Kayla Sapp [email protected] BR, BV MATERIALS Except where indicated, all items are required and available from the University Bookstore: Chemical Principles , 6 th ed., Steven Zumdahl (custom-split Chem 152 version contains Chapters 9-13 as well as the complete Student Solutions Manual). Study Guide, Chemical Principles, 6 th ed. , Zumdahl/Kelter ( optional ). UW General Chemistry 152 Laboratory Manual , Autumn 2011-Summer 2012. (Hayden McNeil) UW Chemistry Laboratory Notebook with numbered pages and carbonless duplicate pages. (Hayden McNeil) Lab coat and safety goggles ( NO safety glasses or any other type of goggles). Scientific calculator. ALEKS access . Purchase online at: www.aleks.com ( more information about ALEKS can be found in the “Online Learning” section later in this document as well as on the course website).
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UW CHEM 152 Winter 2012 Page 2 of 9 LEARNING OBJECTIVES The central ideas presented in this course are : Thermodynamics . We will begin the course by exploring the concepts of energy, enthalpy, entropy, and the Gibbs energy. The ultimate goal of this section of the course is to develop the tools that allow one to predict if a chemical reaction will be spontaneous. Electrochemistry . We will revisit “redox” chemistry previously described in CHEM 142, and use this reaction class as an opportunity to explore the thermodynamic concepts described above. Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Theory . In this portion of the course you will be introduced to the modern description of the hydrogen atom as derived from quantum mechanical principles. This description will be extended to other atoms, and eventually used to construct the periodic table of the elements. Bonding
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152B_syllabus_Win12 - CHEMISTRY 152 B(SLN 11683 WINTER 2012...

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