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EE540 (S’11) HOMEWORK #7 ASSIGNMENT. p. 1 of 1. Use Equation (5.13) of HW#5 to predict the output intensity I out of the laser oscillator model of homeworks #4, #5 and #6 when the cross sectional area à of the cylindrical laser beam is π D 2 /4 , and the 100W pump beam is focused from the side onto a strip (1 cm × D cm) that exactly covers the laser beam (inside the wider, 1 cm long, ED-2 rod).
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Unformatted text preview: Then plot P out Watts ( =I out ) versus the two dimensions: 1) the reflectivity R 3 (= 1 T 3 ) of the output mirror, and 2) the beam diameter D. Use plotting limits 0 < R 3 < 1 and 2 < D < 1cm. Assume the laser atoms have the properties given in the Solution to HW#6. Assume the two turning mirrors 1 & 2 each have reflectivity 97% (which is typical for cheap high power, high reflectivity, mirrors). Comment on the parts of your plot which you feel are the least accurate....
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