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Notes for HW#4 Assignment.

Notes for HW#4 Assignment. - Notes for HW#4 Assignment...

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Notes for HW#4 Assignment Refer to the instruction: “You also measure the ratio ρ of the area of the laser fluorescence line to the area of the pump fluorescence line.” You do this with the laser beam traversing the laser rod exactly as does the “input beam” in the figure in HW#2 with intensity I ν (z) (which means the same as the “ I ν ” and its equivalent I l ” in HW#4). Assume that the pump intensity I p in HW#4 is introduced from the side of the rod in such a way that I p has the same value everywhere in the laser beam area Ã, and at all z , at any given time t, regardless of the value of I ν (z) ; note that I p is needed to create the “fluorescence” lines whose areas you measure in HW#4. Assume that, in your fluorescence measurement for HW#4, you obtain exactly the same result as is depicted in the Class Notes Introduction Figure (I1a); the wavelength called λ mn in (I1a) equals c/ ν p in HW#4, and the wavelength called λ lk in (I1a) equals c/ ν l in HW#4. The area ratio ρ
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